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Gel for IPL/Laser

Gel Transound® for IPL/Laser ensures the pain felt by the patients during IPL (Intense Pulsed Light ) and laser application and cools the tip and glass of the device to ensure a longer life for the device. Its active agents provide high viscosity and do not damage the device thanks to the vacuum technology used for its production. It is not affected from the salt on the skin during usage. It is hypoallergenic, does not irritate the skin, is water-soluble and easily cleaned, does not contain oil, oily agents, formaldehyde or salt. It does not have any toxic effect or an odour.

Conductive cream for Tecar/RF

The use of the cream during radiofrequency and TECAR therapy sessions allows to reduce the contact impedance between the probe and the skin. The high conductivity of our Transound® cream ensures the best results both in the capacitive and in the resistive phase of TECAR and Radio Frequency treatment. The preservatives and dyes used are non-toxic and strictly in accordance with the law.


New MRI radiolucent electrode for general purpose ideal for hospital-wide use

Electrode’s feature:

Foam backing radiolucent ECG electrodes

Radiolucent snap allows electrode to stay in place during an X-Ray without interfering with the image

50 electrodes per pouches, 24 pouches per carton (1.200), sold by the carton

New F3240LG liquid gel electrode for general purpose ideal for short term procedures

Electrode’s feature:

Foam backing ECG electrodes

Liquid gel designed for fast pick up of the ECG signal even if inadequate skin preparation is carried out

30 electrodes per pouches, 50 pouches per carton (1.500), sold by the carton